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Konferencja DareProject 2009

Disability Awareness  New Challenges for Education


2223 October 2009,
Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
Collegium Novum university building, Main Auditorium

The conference aims to highlight the importance of disability issues to academic teachers and public administration staff.

Access for disabled people to mainstream education is related to an awareness of the limitations stemming from disability but also of the potential present in each disabled person. It is also related to methods of effective educational support and technologies assisting the educational process. Disability awareness also means taking an objective approach to disabled people. It includes setting the same requirements for them combined with offering them equal opportunities in access to knowledge. It also means combating stereotypes and traditional thinking. This marks moving away from perceiving disability as a form of suffering towards seeing it as a feature of the individual.

During the conference subjects will be discussed related to disability awareness in the context of broadly understood education as well as the results presented of the project entitled DARE (Disability Awareness – a New Challenge for Employees).

The main conference themes are:

-    Educational and technological support for blind and deaf students in a modern university setting;
-    Dyslexic students as a new educational challenge – standards of compensatory support;
-    Mental difficulties - systems of support and their operation;
-    New technologies in education and learning of disabled people;
-    The concept of equal opportunities and diversity as the foundation for a strong and vibrant modern society.

Contributions on the subjects mentioned above will reflect the thematic scope of the training programmes for academic and public administration staff developed as part of the DARE project.

Furthermore, 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of the operation of the Jagiellonian University Disability Support Service. It was one the first units of its kind based at a Polish university. From the very beginning, the Office has been cooperating with its counterpart based at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, implementing joint projects, workshops, training schemes and seminars.

That is why the conference will start with a celebratory session summing up the decade of the operation of the Jagiellonian University Disability Support Service and the decade of its collaboration with the University of Aarhus.



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